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March 26, 2016 -- Huddled masses of migrants are challenging Europe with escalated violence; the result of bottlenecks at border crossings. 

The recent terror attack in Brussels has prompted some European leaders to slow the invasion of Muslims into their nations. 

Muslims don't like to be slowed. 

The genocidal maniacs who control many Western European nations are seeking to destroy Western civilization by allowing massive hordes of low-intelligent migrants from Third-world countries to invade their nations. 

Realizing the normal path to citizenship is slow and cumbersome, the traitors have christened the Islamic invaders "refugees" and pretend they are fleeing violence in Syria. That allows the invaders to come as asylum seekers and slash through the red tape normally associated with obtaining legal citizenship. 

Patriotic Europeans who oppose the invasion are stereotyped with hate speech and pejoratives such as "xenophobes" and "racists."


German Federal Police have offered the grave warnings about potential violent uprisings among migrants as popular routes to the "safe haven" of Germany have also been slammed shut.

In a leaked internal report, the police said a swelling bottleneck of migrants was about to take a turn for the worse - with "hardly any attempts to swerve around the Greek-Macedonian border”.

The report added that “refugees still rely on the Balkan route" which could mean "violent riots are more and more likely in this context.”

Around 13,000 are stuck in camps at the border in Idomeni with a further 12,000 just a few hundred metres nearby in Thessaloniki.

Eva Cosse, Greece specialist at Human Rights Watch, said: "Trapping asylum seekers in Greece is an unconscionable and short-sighted non-solution that is causing suffering and violence."

European officials have warned these numbers could grow as the spring and summer seasons provide safer sea conditions to travel across the Aegean Sea from Turkey.

The German report itself confirmed "more stable weather conditions in the Aegean Sea from the end of March will favour sea smuggling”.

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