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March 12, 2016 -- A 66-year-old Trump supporter was attacked in Orlando, Fla. as he was placing yard signs. 

The two attackers were profiled by gender (male) and age (18 to 22), but not by race. 

The attack is one of many in which violent leftists are attempting to impede democracy. 

Meanwhile, the mainstream Marxist media join revisionist historians to convince us that white people attempted to impede the voting rights of black Americans generations ago. The national media, however, refuses to report the national trend of attacks against Trump supporters. 

Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!


Orange County deputies are searching for two men who attacked a campaign volunteer.  

"First day of early voting, I was so excited," explained Lou Valls, who volunteers for Donald Trump's campaign. On Monday, he went to the South Creek Library to show his support in front of early voters.  "I wanted to get their first, because I wanted to put my signs right by the prime real estate."  Valls said he placed 18 Trump signs out along Deerfield Blvd.  "I was waving signs and that's when it all happened."

Deputies said two men battered Valls and stole from him. "They bolted and started pulling out my Trump signs and when that happened I confronted them, and when that happened, one of them body slammed me to the ground. Just 'Bam!' and there I am on the ground and they continue to pull my signs."

Valls, 66, told deputies that the two suspects continued to laugh at him as he struggled to get back on his feet.

"I got up as quickly as I could, and when that happened I sprained some muscles and my leg gave away and I fell on the sidewalk and that's when I bruised my hands and they continued to pull my signs."

Valls said the suspects ran away and hopped into a car, but one of his friends was able to take a picture of the license plate. Deputies said the suspects are between 18 to 22 years old. One was wearing a purple Orlando City Soccer shirt and dark pants. The other had a navy blue shirt with an orange logo, white hat and dark shorts.

Valls said everyone has a right to support a candidate and should respect each other's choices. "Donald Trump the savior, who I believe is going to replace, repair and build a new Republican party, just because they don't believe in that doesn't give them the right to take my property my signs."

As deputies search for the suspects, Valls has a message for them. "There are ways to express your  feelings and that is not one of them. We all have a right to say our peace, that is our first amendment right."

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