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March 28, 2016 -- The media are finally catching on: No more videos of "teens" brawling at theme parks, shopping malls, or high schools. 

See video below

The media don't want to give the impression that black teens are violent. 


There are a few exceptions, such as in New Jersey where the Easter Bunny was arrested after exchanging blows with a parent. 

Nonetheless, the stories are there.

• Freehold, New Jersey

Reports say a brawl between "an unspecified group of women" erupted after one accused another of cutting in line. [source]  

• South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An Easter carnival was forced to close after teens went berserk. Another fight followed as they made their way home on the subway. [source

• Sydney, Australia

An estimated 80 individuals were involved in a fight after they tried to crash a private party. The were apparently looking for free beer. [source]

• Jersey City, New Jersey

The Easter Bunny took no guff from an irate parent. They exchanged punches at a mall where Mr. Bunny was posing with children for photo ops. [Source]

Below: Why are blacks so violent?


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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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