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March 4, 2016 -- Humans have social networks. Those networks are comprised of about 150 individuals. 

That's the essence of the Dunbar number. It's the number of people with whom one maintains social contact. 

The research of British anthropologist Robin Dunbar pointed to Neolithic villages. They tended to include about 150 residents. 150 was the splitting point for Hutterite settlements. He also noted that military units from antiquity to the present tend to number about 150. 

The size of one's social network tends to correlate with the volume of the person's neocortex. That is, big brained people tend have large social networks relative to those with smaller brains. 

Here is this week's radio show: 


Humans tend to form their social networks through a process of inclusion and exclusion. They include persons with whom they feel most comfortable. That translates into similar characteristics. Young adults, for example, tend to befriend other young adults. We tend to associate with persons within our economic strata. We also prefer to socialize with individuals with genetic similarities to ourselves. 

Contrary to media imagery of multi-ethnic groups hanging out for a barbecue, most social groups are comprised of individuals of the same race, ethnic background, language, etc. That prompts social engineers to level accusations of racism and xenophobia.  

Cultural Marxism presses for racial integration then, once achieved, exploits the inherent disputes that inevitably arise as evidence of supremacy and racism. That, in turn, gives Marxism an excuse to intervene with government force giving the "oppressed" people special protection status and privilege. The oppressed become dependent on the government for protection and resources. 

In the United States white people are the oppressors and non-white are their victims. The same is true in South Africa, even though whites comprise a small minority of the population. 

Forced integration, then, is an effort of cultural Marxism to foster friction. Forced segregation would ease the friction. However, freedom of association allows humans to avoid conflict without government force as individuals form social networks comprised of individuals with whom they get along.
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