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Seriously? junk food causes violent behavior?

March 27, 2016 -- An elderly Memphis man said "they" know what to do with 'hood rats, but he did not elaborate. 

The observation was made during a local news broadcast interview. 

At issue was a brawl involving several females that started in a church and spilled out into the street. 

See video below



A video making the rounds on social media shows multiple fights breaking out in South Memphis.

Facebook user Rippastyle Peterson uploaded a video (warning: graphic content) to Facebook with the caption: “Breaking news live right now in South Memphis a car ran over like 10 people they still fighting why police there Memphis too turnt.”

It was shared more than 2,000 times and racked up hundreds of comments. Some questioned why the police seemed to do nothing.

Police said they did step in and separate people from each other.

Officers arrived at the scene on Walker Avenue and Orleans Street at about 1 p.m. Sunday. About a dozen people were fighting in the street when they arrived, police said.

Police said the fighters refused to stop, so the officers physically separated as many as they could.

The brawl was between church members and took place after church, police said.

Fight participants received misdemeanor citations and juvenile summons, but all have since been released from custody.

The only injuries were some bloody noses and people seen limping, police said.

Police will also investigate whether a car ran people over prior to the fight, which the video states in the caption but does not show.

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  1. the annual church chimpout.

  2. Why does our government force us humans to live with these things?

    Repatriate or segregate. No other options.

    -JSF- in Minneapolis


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