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March 7, 2016 -- Cultural icons are being removed from "public" property. Those icons range from statues to flags; anything that makes one mindful of their cultural heritage. 

It's genocide as described by Raphael Lemkin who first coined the term in 1944. 

Lemkin described genocide as a coordinated plan to destroy the foundations of a culture. Those foundations include language, national feelings, and religion. 

• Language

When you press "1" for English, you are experiencing cultural genocide. When you see multilingual signage in stores, you are experiencing cultural genocide. 

• National feelings

When you observe the Confederate flag being expunged from public display and demonized to discourage private display, you are experiencing cultural genocide. When you observe a holiday celebrating the birth of our nation's founder being displaced by that of a Marxist agitator, you are experiencing cultural genocide. When you observe images of national heroes being removed from our currency, you are experiencing cultural genocide. When you see statues of Confederate heroes being removed and their remains being disinterred, you are experiencing cultural genocide.

Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty

• Religion

When you watch Christian icons being removed from government property or the massive introduction of Islam through government-sponsored migration, you are experiencing cultural genocide. 

The g√©nocidaires who are destroying our culture are agents of the government and the media. Their acts of genocide are often beyond our control. 

Consequently, entrusting our culture to agents of the government, media, or any other institutions is unwise. 

It's akin to trusting government to provide food and shelter. Most rational Americans understand that such dependence constitutes government control. When we solely depend on economic welfare from government agents, we are allowing those agents to control our well being. 

Likewise, when we solely depend on cultural welfare from government agents, we are allowing government to control our culture. 

For example, when we entrust government to provide food stamps, we empower government agents to maintain our welfare. Likewise, when we entrust government agents to erect statues to Confederate heroes, we empower government agents to maintain our national feelings. 

As responsible Americans materially provide for their families with food and shelter, responsible Americans should also culturally provide for their families with icons and symbols. Those icons may include portraits of national heroes prominently displayed in homes or even busts and statues tastefully integrated into home decor.

Altars to Confederate generals may be morbidly extreme, but a portrait of Gen. Robert E. Lee displayed in one's home would certainly reinforce the family's sense of national feeling without dependence on the government to retain statues on the town square. 

And when government agents dutifully defend our culture — as is the case in Mississippi where the Confederate flag is being retained — we should consider those efforts as reinforcements of our cultural defenses; not a primary source. 

Government vs culture

We often confuse loyalties to our government with loyalties to our people. They are not the same. 

Americans existed as a unique people generations before the founding of our federal government. For two hundred years Americans never entertained the notion of a government independent of the British empire. 

When our government — Britain — failed to serve us, we the people remained cohesive as a nation and created a new government. Should our current government continue to fail us, we must remain united as a people. As there were loyalists prior to the War of American Independence, there will be those loyal to the emerging Marxist government. 

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