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March 8, 2016 -- 2015 was a banner year for Indianapolis. It was one of the most violent years in a decade. 

To help fight crime, Indianapolis police are installing cameras in high-crime areas. 

Some business owners are paying out-of-pocket to install police cameras on or near their properties. Police monitor the cameras.

Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty

In 2014 the city was ranked among the top ten most violent cities in the United States. 
Indianapolis recorded a record number of homicides in 2015 with 144 people being murdered as of Christmas eve. 

The city's murder rate for 2015 was 16.9 for every 100,000 residents,  higher than Chicago that clocked in at 16.7 murders per 100,000 residents [source]. The national homicide rate is 3.8 per 100,000.

About 27.9% of the population of Indianapolis is black. 32.9% of Chicago's population is black. About 13% of the nation is black.

Using the above statistics we calculate a two-fold increase in the black population more than quadruples the homicide rate. 

The increase in black crime is a national phenomenon fueled, we believe, by the Black Lives Matter movement that encourages police officers to stand down or face prosecution. 

The FBI's list of America's most dangerous cities

Detroit, Michigan 1988.63
Memphis, Tennessee 1740.51
Oakland, California 1685.39
St. Louis, Missouri 1678.73
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1476.41
Baltimore, Maryland 1338.54
Cleveland, Ohio 1334.35
Stockton, California 1331.47
Indianapolis, Indiana 1254.66

Kansas City, Missouri 1251.45

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  1. while these angry hominids run the streets creating mayhem, white europeans are blamed for world problems. i remember in the 60's as a small child the whole nation horrified by the boston strangler if those people saw it now!was mayberry era that bad NO.