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March 25, 2016 -- Anti-Confederate bigots in Tennessee are pressing to remove the Confederate flag from license plates. 

The legislation that would put hate into law was presented by Sen. Sara Kyle, D-Memphis.

Kyle said the flag is a symbol of racism, a catch-all accusation that excuses destroying various components of Western culture. 


Anti-Confederate bigots are apparently unaware that thousands of black Confederates bore arms during the Civil War and that the first military officers in American history were Confederates. 

Confederatephobes are apparently unaware that thousands of free blacks in the antebellum South owned black slave labor. 

They pretend not to know that Union states, including Maryland, Missouri, and Kentucky were slave states. The don't seem to realize that the American flag flew over slave states during the Civil War and that the Emancipation Proclamation freed some slaves in the South but not in the Union, making slavery effectively legal in parts of the Union but not parts of the South controlled by the Confederacy. 

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