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March 4, 2016 -- Authorities in Britain are searching for Tariq Javed. 

The 37-year-old Pakistani escaped from court during an unsupervised lunch moments before he was found guilty of raping a child.


A child rapist escaped from court just moments before the jury delivered their guilty verdict on eight counts of sexual activity with an under-13. 

Here is this week's radio show: 


Tariq Javed appeared at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester on Monday morning.

MailOnline understands the 37-year-old was given conditional bail that he could be within the confines of the court building, while the jury were deliberating their verdict.

In the afternoon court reconvened again, but Javed was nowhere to be seen.

Police have now issued a warrant for his arrest and believe he may be trying to flee the country and heading to Pakistan.

Detective Inspector Ian Cottrell said: 'Javed has been convicted of incredibly serious offences committed against children.

'He is thought to be a flight risk and warnings have been put in place at ports and airports to ensure he does not escape the country, but faces punishment for his atrocious crimes.

'I would like to make very clear that anyone found to be sheltering Javed will face arrest and prosecution.'

Court proceeded after lunch without Javed, from Rusholme, and he was found guilty of a number of offences, including raping a child.  

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