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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

March 25, 2016

DAILYKENN.com -- If only [enter bourgeois oppressor of choice] would be nicer to [enter oppressed proletariat of choice].

UK prime minister David Cameron is plying the cultural Marxism mandate of 'accuse others of what you do' by suggesting Islamic violence is an effect caused by Christian failure to cuddle with terrorists. 


Cameron says Christians should reach out to Muslims and help them oppose extremism. Cameron pretends to be wholly unaware that Islam is and always has been extremism in the extreme. 

If only Christians would be nicer to Muslims

Cameron made the statement during a gathering of Christians at his official residence in Downing Street, reports say. 

Oddly, Cameron — no any other leftist loon of whom we are aware — has compelled Christians to reach out to neo-Nazis in an effort to steer them away from extremism. Rather, the regressive left routinely condemn nationalism as Naziism; as if the the two were synonymous.

From express.co.uk:

DAVID Cameron has urged Christian leaders in the UK to help Muslim communities to tackle extremism in the wake of the Brussels bombings.

The Prime Minister said Christians had to join the “great fight” by “reaching out” to Muslims and helping to stop people drifting into extremism.

Speaking at an Easter reception for Christians in Downing Street, he said he wanted to build “stronger and more resilient” communities.

He said: “This is the great fight that we have to join.

“Our brothers and sisters who are Muslims, they want our assistance.

"We should be reaching out and wanting to help them battle against extremism. We have to build stronger and more resilient communities.

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  1. Why is it our job to help them tackle their extremism?
    Is Cameron patronizing the Muslims, I mean can't they do it themselves?
    Beside, we are told it's only a few bad apples... why can't 1'300 million Muslims tackle those alleged few thousands extremists?


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