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March 3, 2016 -- 200 'teens' brawled in east London Tuesday as Britons enjoyed the fruits of forced diversity. 

The melee went largely unreported by the mainstream media. The far-left prefers to pretend that migrants are always law-abiding citizens who mesh perfectly with Western culture. 

Police, however, said the rioters pounded each other with knives and nailed baseball bats. 

21 were arrested.
Here is this week's radio show: 



The huge fight, which saw 200 youths gather to batter each other with weapons such as knives and nailed baseball bats, occurred in east London.

The horrific riot saw three officers injured and 21 people arrested as well as a wide selection of weapons seized, including blades and nasty-looking wooden bats with nails hammered in it.

Cops were first called to an incident in Barking at about 3.30pm on Tuesday after reports of a disturbance.

They arrested two men and seized weapons including knives and baseball bats pictured.

Hours later a man who had a poisonous substance was thrown in his face was hospitalised.

He did not suffer life threatening injuries.

The violence continued outside shops in Barking town centre into the evening and peace was not restored until crowds dispersed at around 9pm.

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  1. Whoever made the shoddy weapon in the picture didn't know what he was doing. Wrap the end of the club with heavy-gauge, single-strand wire, and pound the nails in. The wire keeps the wood from splitting. Then cut the head off the nails.

    1. why teach them - duh.