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March 18, 2016 -- Gracie Bonds Staples says removing Confederate monuments is as wrongheaded as sanitizing history. 

From The Atlanta Journal:

But let’s be clear, our position is not to maintain the status quo. It is a suggestion that we change the conversation and convert these former objects of veneration into historic artifacts, calling them out for what they are — monuments to the Lost Cause and its corollary, white supremacy.

Keeping them in place without additional context is as problematic as erasure.

That’s why Hale and his staff created a tool at they hope will help people research and tell the stories these monuments should tell today.

+How I, a black woman, could advocate keeping Confederate monuments photo Each week, Gracie Bonds Staples will bring you a perspective on life in the Atlanta area. Life with Gracie runs online ... Read More “We appreciate how painful these monuments are for many people,” Hale said. “It is our hope that strengthening the interpretation and deepening the dialogue will help everyone better understand our shared history.”

Beryl Kalisa, a professor of history, emailed me to say it saddens her to see history misunderstood.

“Should a man in 1700 be kicked out of history because he makes a negative comment about women’s rights that today we view differently?” she wrote. “Thank you for a well-balanced and written article.”

Another reader who described himself as “a good ol’ southern boy,” also appreciated my position. He said it led him to change his position on the Confederate flag.

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