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March 18, 2016 -- 32,900 of 33,000 students boycotted a protest at San Jose State University this week. 

About 100 black students interspersed with a handful of guilt-ridden whites blocked the entrance to Tower Hall.

The protesters hugged and cried because they didn't feel welcome on the campus. 

The protest was a reaction to a verdict in which three white students were accused of bullying a black classmate nearly three years ago. 

The white students were found guilty and sentenced to jail terms, community service, and an indoctrination, brainwashing, reeducation, brainsweeping, coercive persuasion, thought control, sensitivity training, and thought reform class.

Sue Martin, interim president said the school plans to "create a truly inclusive, welcoming and safe environment for every member of our community."

Here's a head's up for Martin: No matter what concessions you make, there will always be a cadre of ungrateful whiners who fail to realize they are living at the apex of human civilization and enjoy technology unknown by previous generations.

"I don't feel safe or welcomed," said Donntay Moore-Thomas, of

BUG, the activist arm of the SJSU Black Student Union. "In previous times we were simply appeased. Now, this is actively putting a light under the administration's (she spelled out) a-s-s. We will up the ante each time. This is a turning point and the public should expect more and more direct action to happen."

On Thursday Sue Martin, interim president sent out a campus email reminding students that the school is looking hard for a cabinet level Chief Diversity Officer who will embrace many of the concerns students of color express. A newly refurbished student union also contains specialized social and academic support centers for all students.

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