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March 28, 2016 -- We reported this murder earlier this month.

While liberals are whining that the lives of black thugs matter, the lives of honorable white people are being snuffed out at an alarming rate.

A Lawrenceville, Ga. man was murdered while delivering pizzas. 


Gwinnett County Police Detective testified that 28-year-old Shane Varnadore was murdered by Jermaine Young, 21, and Reginald Lofton, a 14-year-old who is charged as an adult, not for cash but for his pizza. 

When was the last time you heard of two white savages murdering a black pizza delivery man?

One would think that generations of exposure to Western culture would have an effect on black savages. 

Tragically, our minds have been programmed by the media to cringe with repulsion when alerted to black-on-white violent crime. 

Furthermore, the media want us to ignore the coarse reality that black teens as young and 13 and 14 years old commit violent crimes, including murder. To read documented accounts of black thugs in their early teens who have murdered white people, click here ►


A pizza delivery man was murdered for pizza, not money. That’s what a Gwinnett County Police Detective testified to in a preliminary court hearing Friday.

Jermaine Young, 21, and Reginald Lofton, a 14-year-old who is charged as an adult, were ordered to be bound over to Superior Court for a murder trial.

Detective Matthew Kenck testified that police have yet to determine whether Young or Lofton shot and killed 28-year-old Shane Varnadore. Kenck said both suspects blame the other for the shooting that happened on March 1.

The two suspects sat in Gwinnett County Magistrate Court, in stark contrast to what anyone would have expected. Young appeared visibly shaken as Detective Kenck recounted how Varnadore was shot and killed.

Lofton, a mere child, never flinched, appearing stoic and nonplussed while the detective described what led police to their arrest. It was a food order found on the ground near Shane Varnadore's body and it had a phone number on it that was traced to the apartment where the suspects lived.

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