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March 13, 2016 -- Police in Austria received 343 reports of sex attacks in January. 

Police admit they covered up the reports ostensibly to protect the victims. 

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Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

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Sex attacks are at their highest level for years in Austria with an average of 12 new cases being reported every day, new figures reveal.

Officials said the numbers included 24 cases reported over the New Year period which at the time police denied had taken place.

Police later claimed they covered up the assaults in order to protect the privacy of the victims, but rejected a suggestion they had so on the order of politicians. 

The statistics show that in January there were 343 complaints about sex-related incidents. 

A total of 25 have involved charges being made against asylum seekers, while another 43 involve foreigners from countries including Turkey, Macedonia and Germany.

In 175 cases, Austrians are under suspicion. 

There was no information about the 100 remaining sex attacks included in the report.

Of the sex attacks, 61 were rapes, in which 38 cases Austrians are suspected of being the attackers. 

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  1. "Austrians" that are suspect in this case are all invaders. This line was thrown in the report to bolster the leftist narrative that the influx of nonwhites does not represent a real increase in the proportion of sex attacks.