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March 29, 2016 -- Margaret Cho wasn't being funny. At least that appears to be the reaction of her audience earlier this week. 

After ranting about being raped, the 47-year-old speculated that Trump's white privilege would lead him to the White House. 

Most of the audience walked out. Those who remained talked among themselves. It seems white-people bashing is no longer effective. 



“She kept going even though the entire audience was either walking out the door or talking amongst themselves, and she kept asking why people were talking. When she noticed a guy in the front row with his back to her, she started yelling about white privilege and said the audience was victim-blaming because she was trying to inform us about rape,” another witness said. “Then she said that Trump will win the election because of everyone’s white privilege. By that time, most of the crowd had left and were hanging out outside, and the people who were left started screaming back and forth, and a scuffle broke out.”

Another source who witnessed the meltdown tells us, “She walked two-thirds of the audience, and they generally weren’t even angry, just concerned for her safety. [Cho] was so incoherent onstage that a table of doctors at the show said they stayed despite the poor performance for fear that she would need medical attention.”

After the show, Cho tweeted about the incident, insisting jet lag was to blame. She also encouraged rape survivors to speak out about abuse.

Stress Factory owner Vinnie Brand released a statement on Monday about Saturday’s debacle.

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  1. Margaret Cho can be called a lot of things but comedian ain't one of em.

  2. From the picture, I thought that was Kim Jung Un on the stage.