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March 10, 2016 -- This is your amygdala. It's about the size of almond. It's a part of your brain. 

Actually, you have two of them. One is located in your brain's left hemisphere. The other is in your brain's right hemisphere. 

The plural is amygdalae. 

When your amygdalae are working properly you experience emotions such as empathy. When you see images of little poverty-stricken brown girls in Central America, your amygdalae are stimulated to communicate with your frontal lobe, another part of your brain. You experience empathetic altruism. It compels you to pick up your check book and send your hard-earned money to a non-profit organization that, in turn, uses your money to feed Juanita and buy her nice, new clothes — even though you've never actually met Juanita. 

Social psychologists understand the role your amygdalae play in directing your thoughts and feelings and subsequent actions. They have become masters at manipulating you by appealing directly to your amygdalae and your sense of guilt, empathy, and other emotions that emit from them. 

Social engineers attack your amygdalae with thoughts and images that compel you to behave in a manner that suits their agenda. They touch your negative emotions with concepts such as xenophobia and white privilege. Simultaneously they introduce cinematic images of suffering black slaves. Your brain absorbs the concepts and images and send messages to your frontal lobes that, in turn, form your world view. 

Your conclusions are not rational. They are emotional.  

Some people seem to have a heightened sense of empathy. 

Women, for example, tend to be more pathologically predisposed to empathy than men. That may explain why women commit fewer violent crimes and are less likely to take a belt to bad-behaving children than men. 

White people also seem to be more pathologically predisposed to empathy than some non-whites. That may explain why white people commit fewer violent crimes than, say, blacks. It may also explain why white people send money to help Juanita but brown people seldom send money to assist skinny white kids in Appalachia. It may explain why white people adopt little brown children but brown people seldom adopt little white children. 

People with dysfunctional amygdalae typically display traits of psychopathy. Psychopaths lack empathy. The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy was a psychopath. He lacked empathy for his victims. Bundy knew what he was doing was wrong; he just didn't care. Nor could he. His amygdalae were almost certainly dysfunctional. 

Neuroscientists can view brain scan images from MRIs and detect with almost 100 percent accuracy which brains belong to psychopaths. MRIs of psychopaths reveal they have underdeveloped amygdalae.

Dr. James Fallon is an example. He is a psychologist. He is also a self-described psychopath. He lacks empathy and displays other behavior patterns that are linked to his brain variation. You can see the difference between Dr. Fallon's brain and a typical brain in the image below. 

Psychopaths are not crazy. They are in touch with reality. When they hurt others, they are fully aware their actions are wrong. They simply don't care. About one percent of the general population is considered psychopathic. About 20 percent of American prison populations are psychopaths. 

To understand why Western nations open their borders to invading hordes of violent Muslims, we must understand how the brains of white people function. We open our borders to Muslims for the same reason we open our wallets for little brown girls in Central America and our families to adopt little brown children. 

For Western civilization to survive, we must come to terms with the physiology of our brains and how our thinking processes are manipulated. Then we can resist that manipulation and begin to think rationally rather than emotionally. Failure to do so will be our demise and the ultimate ruin of Juanita. 

It is reasonable to assume that Western culture has advanced because the brains of Western peoples are both intelligent and empathetic. We prefer individual independence and value concepts such as liberty and freedom. We also value private property. Still, we find cohesion in empathy for others rather than in governmental coercion. 

Other people groups seem to prefer collectivism, tribalism, and structured governments. 

Marxism mandates collectivism by government coercion. Western people naturally repel such social structures. Efforts to corral white people into communal living always fail because they contradict our nature. 

For Marxism to prevail among Western people, it must bypass our natural tendencies to drive alone rather than ride a metro train, to live in single-dwelling houses rather than a cubical in a housing project, and to plow our own fields rather than labor on a collective farm. 

Marxism is attempting to bypass our natural inclinations by populating our lands with people groups who prefer collective living. Social engineers persuade us to surrender by appealing to our amygdalae rather than to our cerebrum, the part of the brain that reasons. 

Below is a movie trailer that will appeal to your amygdalae rather than your cerebrum. Watch the trailer and see if you can think reasonably rather than emotionally. 


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Image credit: sites.psu.ed / James Fallon

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  1. This article is so true.As a woman coming from a background of German, Norwegian and Irish,I used to be a kind, trusting soul.After living in Chicago most of my life, I am now a certified Racial Realist.I have been a crime victim on a few occasions. I now look at the world with more pessimistic lens.Cities,once great metropolis have succumbed to the undertow. We need to look at what is occurring in Germany. Germans have the highest standard of living and yet they are allowing third world Muslims to destroy Europe. When will people wake up from this political correctness nightmare?

  2. in simpler terms do blacks and browns lack the empathy gene? possibly huh.

  3. I certainly agree that Europeans evolved heightened capacity for empathy, as compared to Africans, middle easterners, native Americans, but that is not their Achilles heal. Whites can be just as inhumane as any other peoples when they need to be. Obedience to authority is what is killing white culture and leading them down the path of annihilation. What white people need is new leadership, someone who will champion white values, and set an example that it is okay to embrace a healthy sense of white identity and racial affinity for fellow whites (without actually saying so). If allowed to, white people would readily cast aside the shackles of political correctness and enjoy taking pride in their leadership role in American society. Perhaps Trump will turn out to be that man, I certainly hope so.