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March 16, 2016 -- The flap over the flag seems to be waning. 

Nonetheless, a group self-identified as “Take It Down Now” fired of a letter demanding the NCAA force The Citadel to curtail its free speech and remove the Confederate flag from its campus. 

“Take It Down Now” insists the NCAA suspend its support Medal of Honor Bowl until the flags are removed. 

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Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!


Members of the “Take It Down Now” campaign have written a letter to the NCAA, requesting that the group withdraw support for the Medal of Honor Bowl until the Confederate Naval Jack flag is removed from The Citadel’s campus.

The Post and Courier reports that after the Confederate flag was removed from Statehouse grounds in Columbia, the NCAA lifted its ban on pre-determined events in South Carolina. The Medal of Honor Bowl then announced it would switch from a college football all-star game to a standard bowl game.

Members of the “Take It Down Now” group say the Confederate flag in Summerall Chapel must come down. Group member James Stevens says the group is asking the NCAA to not support a bowl game until the flag comes down.

“Take It Down Now” hasn’t received a response from NCAA.

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