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March 21, 2016 -- Britain boasts of its National Healthcare Service (NHS), a system that allows low cost medical treatment for millions. 

Coupled with the massive influx of aliens from North Africa and the Middle East, however, the system is becoming overburdened. 

Nine in ten hospitals are so overcrowded they are deemed unsafe, NHS figures reveal.

A third have run out of beds at least once this winter including some where it has happened nearly every other day.

Desperately ill patients needing to be admitted from A&E are having to languish for hours on trolleys waiting for the next bed to become available.

Figures show that 143 out of 154 hospital trusts in England are currently more than 85 per cent occupied – the maximum level considered to be safe.

Patients are more likely to die when this limit is breached because rushed staff make more mistakes and are not able to monitor patients properly for signs of deterioration. There is also a higher risk of hospital-acquired infections because staff may not have time to wash their hands properly or clean equipment adequately.

Data analysed by Labour also reveals that 49 hospital trusts ran out of beds altogether on at least one occasion since the end of November.

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