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March 14, 2016 -- Terry Rawls attacked unarmed Matthew Owens with a baseball bat. Rawls is black and his victim is white. 

Rawls was convicted and handed a 15-year sentence. Three of those years will be spent complying with Front-End Diversion, a program that is considered "intense detention."

Overground Railroad:
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

Owens was attacked by a mob of black youths seeking justice for Trayvon Marting, a black thug who was fatally shot in self defense as he was pounding the head of his victim into pavement. Rawls, who is 48, joined the mob. 

The Trayvon Martin debacle was spun into a months-long media circus as the regressive left strove to make a case for non-existent, white-on-black racism. 


Terry Rawls, 48, of Mobile, was able to go back home today after receiving a sentence in a 2012 assault case, but he isn't quite a free man.

A judge handed Rawls a sentence of fifteen years in prison, but those years will be split between two correctional programs.

For three years, Rawls will have to comply with Front-End Diversion, an alternative sentencing plan that Rawls' attorney Dennis Knizley describes as "like probation, but more intensive."

Rawls was charged with assaulting Matthew Owens, a white man who was in a racially charged confrontation with several black youths. According to court testimony, Owens threatened the group of juveniles with kitchen knives.

Rawls, who lives in the neighborhood, intervened in the altercation, beating Owens with a baseball bat.

Rawls pleaded guilty to the assault in court on Thursday. "We understood that Mr. Owens' injuries were very serious," Knizley says, stating that his client acknowledged the gravity of his actions.

Knizley says, considering the criminal past of his client, he is glad Rawls' guilty plea was met with no actual jail time. "That's what we were hoping for," he says. Rawls' criminal history dates back to the early 1990s with charges for weapons, drugs and burglary. Knizley contends that Rawls had been making strides turn things around prior to this incident.

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