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March 13, 2016 -- An 87-year-old woman was beaten in her Stolkhom, Sweden home. Arrested this week were five young Moroccan "refugees"

The alleged attackers range in age from 13 to 21. Only the 21-year-old was detained by police. 

The "refugees" ransacked the woman's home after breaking in and holding her on her bed. The crime occurred late at night in January. 

Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

The regressive left continues to portray Islamic insurgents as huddled masses of widows and orphans yearning to breath free when, in reality, the policies of Europe's regressive left has opened their borders to violent crime. 


Moroccan street children suspected to be the coarse robbery earlier this year against a 87-year-old woman living in Stureby in southern Stockholm.

Five Moroccans have been identified and a couple of weeks ago arrested one of them, a 21-year "street children", suspected of aggravated robbery. 21-year-old is also suspected of aggravated theft in the Central Station the same night as the coarse robbery in Stureby.

The other four perpetrators, according to documents from the court that Free Times has obtained, between 13 and 17 years old and therefore has escaped detention.

The robbery occurred shortly before midnight on the evening of 23 January when the perpetrators broke into the woman in her house in Stureby. One of the robbers held the shocked woman in her bed while cronies searched the home for valuables.

- It feels a bit cowardly to take on an older person like that, commented police spokesman Eva Nilsson for Free Times the day after the robbery.

After the robbery, beating the 87-year-old woman alert to a relative who lives nearby and who could come to her house to help her.

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  1. Hi Kenn. Is there a reason why you don't give the whole address of your source? Like here it is friatider(dot)se/marockaner-kvinna-stureby-ran