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March 20, 2016 -- Huddled masses fleeing the 1,400-year war in the Middle East comprise 84 percent of welfare recipient in Denmark. 

The “non-Western origin” migrants who comprise 84 percent of welfare recipients comprise 8 percent of the population. 

Denmark’s migrants cost taxpayers $1.6 billion (or £1.1 billion) each year.

Reports say Muslim "refugees" view welfare as a right and work as punishment. 


Migrants of a “non-Western origin” are massively overrepresented in Denmark’s benefits system, according to new figures from the Ministry of Employment.

Of all totally dependent families in Denmark, married couples where both partners are on social assistance — state benefits — some 84 per cent are “non-Western origin” migrants. In total, a third of all cash paid out in benefits every month goes to these non-Western migrants in Denmark, according to the latest figures obtained by Ekstra Bladet.

These figures might be considered especially high, as among Denmark’s working age population non-Western migrants make up just eight per cent of residents. The paper reports experts agree the phenomenon of a minority group of eight per cent of the population making up such a significant part of the claimant count, and concede it is a “large and especially expensive problem”.

It is estimated Denmark’s migrants cost the government some 11 billion crowns (£1.1 billion) a year reports BT, a significant sum for a country of just five and a half million people.

Offering an explanation for this apparent predilection towards worklessness among non-Western migrants in Denmark, Ekstra Bladet links the latest news to the comments of a government troubleshooter tasked with getting migrants into work made in 2015. Specialist job centre chief Eskild Dahl, who remarked at the end of his tender at the facility that he had spent “an awful lot of money to virtually no effect” in trying to get migrants into work.

Those migrants he came into contact with on a daily basis saw government cash assistance as a right, and the so-called “refugees” generally saw work as “punishment” to be avoided at all costs. The fundamental problem was that the Danish welfare state was built on the Protestant work ethic and was incompatible with the new arrivals he said, reports the Berlingske.

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