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March 28, 2016 -- Eight females were arrested in Henrico County, Va. for credit card fraud. Among them was a minor, reports say. 

The suspects are believed to be from New York and New Jersey. 


Every economy depends on honesty and integrity to prosper. Third-world nations are notorious for economic corruption; the outcome of low-intelligence citizens unable to comprehend the greater value of honesty. While criminals have always existed in Western nations, the ethos of white and East Asian countries have allowed them to contain crime and, consequently, thrive.

As the West concedes to Third-world influences, we will regress.

Eight women who appear to be from out of state were arrested overnight, Saturday into Sunday, on credit card fraud charges.

Nyana Williams, Keonine Mack, Raven Howell, Sarah Torrence, Shawnee Senesie, Khadijah Moran, Shanica Baron, and Jasim Henry were the women arrested.

Investigators told CBS 6 the eight women had a minor with them, so on top of the credit card charges, they are being charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

CBS 6 legal analystTodd Stone said all the women face felony charges that are punishable with jail time.

All eight suspects have home addresses that are listed in New Jersey and New York. Stone explained that this may be a sign that the alleged credit card fraud in Henrico is part of something much bigger, that could span the East Coast.

“This could be the type of thing that’s going up and down 95, I’ve seen that many times, where they will come down the interstate and hit different locations.”

The women are being held in Henrico County Jail and should appear in court this week. Stone said the suspects will likely not be let out on bond since they appear to be from out of state.

This is a developing story.

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