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March 21, 2016 -- The people who brought life-enhancing technologies to Africa are now being forced to live in squatter camps. 

An estimated 400,000 white South Africans are forced to live in shanty towns due to that nation's overtly racist laws that give preference to unqualified black employees. 

Crime rates have soared as South Africa's economy is tanking, the result of the nation regressing to its norm after the end of apartheid in 1994. The average IQ in South Africa is 77. 


These white South African families are so poor they are forced to live in slums similar to the worst days of Apartheid.

At this ‘white squatter camp’, hundreds of families have no power, barely any food or water and must live in poor shelter.

Townships like this, which can be found all across the country, are a direct result of white poverty following Apartheid – which came to an end 22 years ago.

Under the old white supremacist regime, which ended in 1994, the Afrikaners were almost guaranteed employment and housing.

But now, many Afrikaners live in increasingly concerning conditions because of the dire economic circumstances in the post-Apartheid era.

Throughout South Africa, there is a lack of opportunity for Afrikaners, which has meant many have found themselves homeless and poor.

The exact number is disputed by many, but it is believed up to 400,000 Afrikaners now live in white squatter camps throughout the country.

Even more, almost 450,000, live in poverty and are forced to survive on less than £28.99 a month.

These pictures, which feature in culture magazine ‘Union Magazine’, show the deprived white squatter camp Munsieville, near Johannesburg in South Africa.

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