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March 11, 2016 -- “When I look at this community, nothing has changed. Nothing is better.”

That's the summation of community activist Theresa “Momma Tee” Lassiter who reacted to news that a three-year-old girl took a bullet during a drive-by shooting in St. Petersburg, Fla. 

The girl survived. 

Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

Some things are immutable. Among those unchangeables is our DNA. 

Urban areas dominated by black populations have remained essentially the same for generations. In 1828, for example, 19-year-old Abraham Lincoln and a friend were set upon by a mob of seven black males. That was nearly 200 years or seven generations ago. In the 1830s James Forten, a black businessman, amassed a small fortune worth about $2.5 million in today's currency. Free markets allow those with the genetic foundation to excel while those with IQs ranging in the 70s and 80s trend towards poverty and are more likely to commit violent crimes. 

Nothing has changed in St. Petersburg, Fla. because the DNA inherited by the denizens there is no different from those who pounded on Abe Lincoln. All the tweeking and tinkering by social engineers can't change that. 

Until we are bold enough to face the unpleasant reality that genetics drive behavior and to dismiss the absurdities of cultural Marxism, little girls will continue to be shot, young men will continue to be victims of mob attacks, and privileged white liberals will continue to live in their elitist bubbles. 


Police are investigating a drive-by shooting that injured two people — including a 3-year-old girl — that has some community leaders pleading for an end to gun violence.

St. Petersburg police said a suspect driving a four-door white vehicle, possibly a Dodge Challenger, passed by a house in the 1200 block of 10th Avenue South and opened fire at people on the porch Thursday afternoon. Terrell Holliman, 23, was shot, along with 3-year-old Jayla Mack, who was struck in the abdomen. Both were expected to survive.

Community activist Theresa “Momma Tee” Lassiter said she was horrified when she learned an innocent child was caught in the line of fire.

“It’s madness,” she said. “It’s senseless.”

Lassiter was critical of city leaders, including Mayor Rick Kriseman and city council members, for failing to put an end to the violence that has plagued south St. Petersburg.

“When I look at this community, nothing has changed,” she said. “Nothing is better.”

Kriseman, Police Chief Anthony Holloway, and former councilman Wengay Newton went to the shooting scene Thursday.

Newton, who grew up blocks from where the shooting took place, said it is heart wrenching to see the community he loves torn apart by gun violence.

Watching elementary school children walk around yellow police tape on their way home from school, Newton said the city has to provide opportunities for young children to be successful — and that for many older teenagers and young men, it’s too late.

“They’ve been baptized by the fire,” he said.

The gun violence has nothing to do with failures of city leadership, however, Newton said.

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