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March 25, 2016 -- 23-year-old Jibri Akeem Pettus was found guilty this week of murdering Bennie Wesley Sigmon.

Sigmon was 48 years old when Pettus and two others burglarized his home. Reports say the victim was gunned down in front of his family.


The crime occurred in Danville, Va. The crime occurred June 4, 2015. 

Black comedians often joke about black males feeling uncomfortable when walking through white neighborhoods. 

This is the reason they are viewed with suspicion. 

White people are often stereotyped as racists when they have the audacity to defend themselves against violent urban savages. Such was the case of George Zimmerman, an Hispanic who killed Trayvon Martin in 2012 when the black teen was pounding Zimmerman's head in the pavement. 


According to testimony from Williams, he drove the young men in Shaw’s burgundy station wagon to a residence on Seminole Trail to break into in the early morning of June 4.

Williams testified it was Pettus’ idea to break into the residence. There, four televisions valued at more than $200 were stolen, according to court documents.

Then, the young men went to meet Anthony Royal at a Motley Avenue residence where a deal was discussed, Williams said.

In exchange for a television, Shaw wanted a gun. Royal testified that Pettus began arguing with Shaw about “the trade.”

Pettus testified that an exchange of a television for a gun was “a stupid idea.”

“I didn’t want [Shaw]” to have the gun, he testified. “What would he need a gun for?” if they’re just breaking into houses, he felt.

“I didn’t know he was going to take [the gun.] I had left” Royal’s residence after arguing with Shaw, Pettus said.

Ferrell took the stand and testified that around 4 a.m. the young men made their way to Rocklawn Place.

Williams said he never left the vehicle and said Shaw brought sodas, potato chips and a weed eater, taken from a Rocklawn Place house, to the vehicle. Pettus was walking toward a yellow house, Williams said.

Sigmon’s daughter, Lindsey, “looked out the window and saw some people outside.” She told her father about the men and he went to investigate.

Sigmon approached the station wagon and began grabbing the license plate from the vehicle.

Then, three shots from Shaw’s gun pierced Sigmon’s body. Two of them were lethal, according to Jennifer Bowers, an assistant chief medical examiner.

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