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March 8, 2016 -- Police say a teenage girl in Florida managed to slap scissors from the hands of a kidnapper before escaping. 

Michael Walton, 33, is accused of trying to place a black t-shirt over the girl's head and drag her to his car. The victim fought him and managed to escape. 

Who are the savages who think they are entitled to snatch girls off the street?

Kenn interviews Colin Flaherty


Walton dropped the scissors but grabbed her by her hair, told her to shut up and ordered her to perform a sex act on him as he dragged her to the driver's side door, detectives said.

She continued to struggle, broke free of his grasp, and ran and hid in some bushes until Walton left the area, investigators said.

The teenager contacted the Broward Sheriff's Office and told deputies how Walton had repeatedly punched her in the stomach and face, slammed her to the ground and choked her in a headlock during the struggle, the report stated.

Deputies found Walton in the area and she identified him as her attacker, detectives said.

During questioning, Walton claimed to know the girl by a different name and said they had an argument and he never touched her, even though she had cuts and bruises, investigators said.

She denied knowing Walton. He was being held without bond, jail records showed.

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