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March 15, 2016 -- While crybabies on American college campuses are calling for safe spaces, Muslims are fleeing from those spaces for Europe. 

When the mainstream Marxist media refers to Islamic insurgents as "refugees" seeking asylum from war and poverty, they are simply lying.

Overground Railroad: 
Let them escape white racism and return to Mexico!

The truth: Anti-Western culture slugs like German chancellor Angela Merkel and the hosts of globalists who welcome Muslims into their nations are successfully attempting to displace Western culture in an effort to erase the economic disparity between the West and Third-world countries. 

Globalists understand — but will never admit — that Third-world nations lag behind economically because they lag behind intellectually. The average IQ in most Muslim nations is about 85, accounting for their struggling economies. Average citizens in those regions are incapable of earning incomes on a parity with ethnic Europeans and East Asians. 

Globalists also refuse to admit that the lives of Third-worlders have been enhanced remarkably due to Western technology. As the West looses its innovative edge due to displacement by Third-world invaders, all humanity will suffer. 


A quarter of asylum seekers arriving in the Netherlands in 2016 came from a country on the immigration service’s safe list, according to figures quoted in NRC. 

The IND said Syrians were the largest group of refugees, accounting for around 1,000 of the 6,300 asylum applications so far this year. 

Around 900 applications came from nationals of Serbia, Albania and Kosovo, all of which are regarded as safe by the Netherlands. 

The agency changed its proedures on March 1 to give priority to applications from so-called safe countries, in the hope that invalid claims can be rejected more quickly. 

Countries are deemed safe if people are not persecuted on grounds of race or religion or at risk of torture or inhuman treatment. Individuals from these countries can still claim asylum, but need to show that their personal safety is in danger. 

Around 4,400 new asylum applications have been made since the turn of the year, as well as 1,600 applications from family members of people with refugee status and 300 renewed applications.

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