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February 11, 2016 -- Drought is the problem, they say. 


I don't recall Rhodesia suffering during times of drought. 

Zimbabwe says it needs $1.6-billion to buy food. Without it one quarter of the population faces starvation. 

It could be — and I'm only guessing here — the "drought" was caused by murdering white farmers, stealing their land, and giving it to locals with IQs south of 82. 

• Absent from the equation are those privileged white liberals, securely fed in their white suburban American neighborhoods where they decry the past evils of colonialism in Nambia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. 

While white American liberals pamper themselves with delusions of altruistic compassion, millions of black Africans face starvation along with the remaining white "colonists". 

• This is why I hate liberalism. They feign anti-racism while black people starve due their intrinsic meddling. 

While American liberals smugged at the thought of white "colonialists" being butchered in Zimbabwe, the limited capacity for liberalism to think in abstract terms denied them their ability to understand that leftist hate for free markets would results in thousands of black lives being lost due for every white farmer murdered. Then, again, maybe they did know; they just didn't care. 

Let's coin a neologism: Psychopathic liberalism.  

From we read:

Formerly known as the breadbasket of Africa, Zimbabwe has suffered perennial shortages in recent years and has relied on importing grain from neighbouring countries to meet its needs.

Mr Mugabe has blamed the low farm yields on erratic rains due to climate change, as well as sanctions imposed by Western countries over his government’s tainted human rights record.

Critics say the food shortages have been partially caused by the president’s land reforms enacted since 2000 when the government oversaw the often violent eviction of white farmers. The economy shrank nearly 50% between 1999 and 2008, blamed on economic mismanagement by Mr Mugabe’s government.

Many farms are now underutilised, and the government has vowed to hold an audit to ensure agriculture land is put into production.
And . . .
Zimbabwe on Tuesday appealed to local businesses and charities for $1.6bn aid to save more than a quarter of the population from starvation due to drought.

"The government of Zimbabwe requires a total of $1,57m with effect from February to December 2016," Zimbabwean Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa told a news conference in the capital, Harare.

"The amount of rainfall received to date is inadequate to meet basic household consumption needs as well as support for livelihoods, agriculture and wildlife."

The figure includes nearly $720m to pay for 1.4-million tonnes of grain imports from February to December, with money also needed for irrigation infrastructure and a nutrition programme for young children, Mr Mnangagwa said.

Mr Mnangagwa’s appeal comes barely a week after President Robert Mugabe declared a "state of disaster" in many rural areas hit by severe drought.

Zimbabwe has been affected by a regional drought worsened by the El Nino weather phenomenon that has also affected other southern Africa countries including SA, Malawi and Zambia.

Mr Mnangagwa said the southern parts of the country were the worst affected with tens of thousands of cattle dying, boreholes drying-up and dam levels are decreasing due to the poor rains.

"There is a threat to human and animal life as safe water, irrigation water and drinking water sources for animals are increasingly drying up," he said.

Most of the funding is sought for the import of foodstuffs but part of the $1.6bn will be used to repair irrigation equipment across the country to increase food production.

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  1. I think it's a safe assumption they're not hitting up their African neighbors for their latest lifeline. As usual, it's the white man's burden to furnish black people with the staples of life. Come to think of it, kind of the way it works in America too. It is one of the great ironies of political correctness that for much of the world's black population, White people are the only thing that stands between them and extinction.

  2. An 82 IQ is awfully generous, in reality it's hovering around 70.