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February 22, 2016 -- Patrick Gaspard, the US ambassador to South Africa, raised little ire and no major media attention when characterized the demise of whites a "fun."

Gaspard posted on Twitter:

I'm so disappointed as I always imagined that if I organized a coup it would look like Mardi Gras - food,music,dance  
According to

His flippant remarks on regime change raised some eyebrows.

On Saturday, Weekend Argus tried to speak to the black Gaspard, but a US embassy spokeswoman said his tweets sufficiently conveyed his response.

On Saturday the ANC said such tweets would not deter the ANC from taking the issue seriously. “We will raise our concerns as a country whether they make a joke of it or not. If they (the US) had a concern and raised it with us, we wouldn’t treat it as a joke.”

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe warned supporters on Friday that they needed to be vigilant and “see through anarchy and people who are out there in a programme of regime change”.

Mantashe was speaking to thousands of supporters at a march in Pretoria.

He said the ANC knew of regular meetings at the US embassy in Pretoria which were about “mobilisation for regime change”.

The ANC was also aware of a programme that involved taking young people to the US for six weeks and on return, planting them “everywhere”, including universities.

The EFF is currently engaging in public violence to get rid of the white minority at the University of Pretoria with the governing ANC’s silent support

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  1. Watching blacks after getting rid of whites, would be fun. Think, hurricane katrina, on a larger scale.