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February 5, 2016 -- Most would be taken aback to learn that any national leader is currently and simultaneously married to four women. 

When asked if they can correctly identify that leader, most would likely guess the culprit to be the head of some Islamic state where women are regarded as property and a harem of wives is viewed as evidence of high social standing. 

President Jacob Zuma cuts his birthday cakes
with, from left, bride-to-be Bongi Ngema
and wives MaNtuli Zuma, Tobeka Madiba-Zuma
and MaKhumalo (2012)
The president with four wives, however, is not a Muslim. Rather, he is Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa. 

Zuma's polygamy is no scandal in South Africa, but is widely accepted with disregard, particularly among the nation's black majority. 

Zuma has been married six times and divorced once. One of the remaining five brides committed suicide leaving the president with four sister wives. 

They are: 

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma – married 1972 – divorced 1998

Sizakele Khumalo – married 1973

Kate Mantsho – married 1976 – committed suicide in 2000

Nompumelo Ntuli – married 2008

Thobeka Mabhija – married 2010

Gloria Bongi Ngema – married 2012

Polygamy is usually condemned as an affront to women, as wives are collected as prized possessions and regarded as the ultimate form of being objectified. The regressive left, however, frequently gives a pass to misogyny when it merges with the end objective to displace Western culture. To that end we see feminists remaining silent in the wake of massive rapes by Muslim hordes in Europe and ignoring the polygamy of South Africa's president.

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Image credit: TLC / GCIS

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  1. Deys all ugly....

  2. You missed the fact that he has at least 22 children that we know of... At least that he has admitted to.

    And speaking of cultural marriages in South Africa - when a guy wants to marry a woman he has to pay lobola - ie: buy her from her parents.