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February 14, 2016 -- Western Europe is being invaded with hordes of Islamic insurgents seeking asylum. published a list of the nations hardest his by the influx, ranking them by the number of invaders per capita

Topping the list was Hungary with 17,500 invaders per 1-million residents. 

Other hard-hit nations include (2) Sweden, (3) Austria, (4) Norway, (5) Finland, (6) Germany, (7) Switzerland, (8) Belgium, (9) Luxembourg,  and (10) Denmark. 

Below the top ten nations were (11) Netherlands, (12) Turkey, (13) Italy, (14) Iceland, and (15) France. 

Britain, the report said, ranked 18th on the list. 

Not surprising there were no Muslim countries highly ranked on the list, in spite of the Koran's mandate the Muslims accommodate those in need. One would expect Muslims would prefer to seek refuge in cultures similar to their own. 

There were also no East Asian nations or East European nations high on the list. 

Apparently, Muslims seeking refuge from terror, war, and poverty are quite selective in where they seek relief. 

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  1. Per capita, so what every citizen needs to take their own share of the refugees.
    And Hungary is no.1, wow its not the way the international press depicted them, which I assumed meant they were taking zero.
    It makes their response seem even more moderate in hindsight.