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February 19, 2016 -- 208,344 offences were committed by migrants in Germany last year, reports

The crime rate among migrants — virtually all Islamic insurgents — rose 79 percent while the number of invaders moved up 440 percent. 

The far left media say it's no big deal. 

Keep in mind that many — perhaps most — crimes go undetected or unreported. 

About twenty percent of the crimes committed by insurgents were violent. 

Globalists note that most Islamic insurgents commit no crime. That it, most haven't been arrested for committing crime. The far left extrapolates an odd conclusion from that data: In spite of the high crime rate among Islamic insurgents, the fact that the majority have not been caught committing crime, dismisses concerns of patriots as unfounded. 

When that template is superimposed elsewhere, it runs afoul of liberal logic. 

Consider, for example, the far left never presumes the Ku Klux Klan was a harmless fraternal organization made evident by the fact that the overwelming majority of Klansmen — including the late U.S. Sen. Robert Byrd — never lynched a black person. The far left never gives a pass to goofy, tatooed neo-Nazis because most of them do little more than make noise and hoist weird-looking banners. 

The far left also overlooks the fact that violent crime — while a justified concern — isn't the only reason patriots oppose Islamic insurgency. 

• The displacement of Western culture is eroding the infrastructure that enhances the lives of all humanity. 

• Embedded within the Islamic community are violent terrorists far more dangerous than the most violent Klanster. 

• The underlying doctrine of Islam is violent; that has been made evident over the religion's 1,400 year history. 

• Persons invading Europe from Islamic countries have an aggregate IQ ranging in the mid 80s [source]. Dulling down the average intelligence of Western nations has no apparent benefit, other than for the insurgents who mooch off a generous welfare system. 

• Since 9-11/2001 there have been 27,833 documented terror attacks committed by Muslims. The combined number of terrorist attack by Klansmen and neo-Nazis during that time frame is zero. 

• The fact that most Muslim insurgents don't get caught committed crime does nothing to alleviate the suffering caused by those who do commit crimes. 

• Crimes committed in the increasing number and size of no-go zones throughout Europe is unknown. 

There is no rational reason to allow massive numbers of Islamic insurgents to invade a Western nation. 

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. nazis are the only thing you ever hear from the MSM, same people who say western white country's must be multicultural. do you see who is behind the curtain, i do.