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February 22, 2016 -- Lorna Gable died at the hands of 36-year-old  Freddie Weston in 2013.

Watson had broken into the 84-year-old woman's Bernardino, Calif. home. Gable called police after noting someone was in her house. When police arrived they found the elderly woman and her 94-year-old husband savagely beaten. 

Gable died days after the attack from her injuries. 

Imagine the outrage had a white intruder savagely beaten an elderly black couple. Black-on-elderly-white violent crimes are common, but ignored by the national media. maintains an archive of black-on-elderly-white violent crimes here ►

The assailant then took an undisclosed amount of cash, a 1935 Colt .22-caliber handgun and other property and fled the scene.

Investigators released a sketch of the intruder, and Weston was arrested eight days later on charges of murder and residential robbery.

Lorn Gable was hospitalized following the incident; she died about a month later. Her husband survived the assault.

“The individual who committed this terrible attack on two of our elders was held responsible for his crimes,” District Attorney Mike Ramos said in Wednesday’s statement. “While the pain for the victims’ family members will certainly last a lifetime, justice was served.

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