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February 13, 2016 -- The United Nations website posted a propaganda photo of little "refugee" children, tugging on the hearts of our pathological altruism. 

There was also a beaming photo of the smiling Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as he praised the decision to welcome 25,000 "refugees". 

But the refugees aren't destined Ban's native South Korea. 

Aren't they cute? Who would refuse refuge to such innocents?
Answer:  Most Muslim and East Asian nations including
Japan, China, and Ban's native South Korea.
The government there has wisely rejected the mass invasion as have Japan and most Arab and Muslim nations. 

The Syrians are destined for Canada. 

It is a displacement strategy apparently designed to decrease the economic disparity between Western nations and lagging Third-world countries. 

The average IQ in Syria is 83; about the same as most Muslim countries. The disparity in intelligence causes a disparity in economics: There is a direct correlation between the average intelligence of a nation and its relative economic success. 

Fortunately, Western nations have coupled innovation with free markets allowing the lives of Syrians and other Third-world people groups to be greatly enhanced. However, as the West is 'dumbed down' through the colonization of Third-worlders, its sharp innovative edge will be dulled. All people groups will be negatively affected. 

Cultural Marxism has effectively convinced us that acknowledging the reality that some people groups have superior and inferior average IQs in anathema. Their denial of reality — which they condemn as racism — is the ultimate form of racism in that it not only destroys Western culture but ultimately harms all humanity, including Syrians. 

• Meanwhile, the 'tolerant' left continues in genocidal destruction of White Southern culture in the United States. There are no images of cute little children from Dixie to tug on our emotions. 

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