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February 22, 2016 -- Two unarmed elderly grandmothers were savagely murdered at a retirement center in Surprise, Ariz. 

Arrested for the homicides are Andrew Lauro, 24, and Montez Wright III, 23.

Barbara Leslie, a 70-year-old resident of Surprise, and her 75-year-old friend Ruth Schwed, who was visiting from Albuquerque, NM were fatally shot. 

The regressive left has intimidated conservative media to ignore violent black-on-white crime. refuses to be bullied and will continue to counter the cultural Marxism myth that whites oppress by blacks with honest and objective reporting. 

The crime was reported Feb. 21, 2016. 

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"When police arrived, they were able to look through a window and they saw what they believed were two subjects laying (sic) on the ground," said Sgt. Norm Owens of the Surprise Police Department during a Wednesday morning news conference. "They were able to make entry into the home at which time police discovered two female victims that had been shot."

Police said there was no sign of forced entry. They later confirmed that Leslie's car had been stolen. Police recovered the vehicle, but they did not say if evidence from it led them to Lauro.

"This is an active ongoing investigation, but all the information we have at this time is that it appears to be a random act of violence," Owens said during a short news conference Sunday afternoon.

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