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February 16, 2016 -- Two women were attacked in New York City's subway system. 

Reports say 26-year-old Liesl Mae Mayango was attacked from behind. 

According to

Mayango said she had her back to a pillar, waiting for the train, when her assailant came up from behind. He then grabbed her by the jacket, punched her twice in the chest, and threw her to the ground. “He was shouting something. He looked like a crazy person,” she said. She screamed for help, and a man and woman came to her aid. The man went after her attacker; the woman found police.

Arrested is Randy Evans, 55, a homeless man with 28 prior arrests, including robbery, graffiti and selling MetroCard swipes, according to the news report. 

Some say Jim Crow laws were enacted to protect people like Mayango from thugs like Evans. 

Also attacked was Jenna Siladie, 26 (photo).

The victim was attacked near Times Square as she was returning home from voice lessons. 

The suspect as Ronald Khealie, 44, who lives in a residential center for the developmentally disabled in Jamaica Hills. Public records show he was sentenced to 5 years behind bars for burglary in 2003.
Black-on-white violence was common when I attended a majority-black high school nearly fifty years ago. Privileged white minority students learned to avoid all blacks as we made our way to classes where we learned we were racists and blacks were our victims.

The knock-out punch phenomenon is not new. 

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