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February 5, 2016 -- The serial carjacker who pistol whipped an unarmed tourist in New York City last month has been caught, according to police. 

John Howard approached Meredith Stifter as she sat in her car at a Hampton Inn and demanded valuables. When Stifter gave him nothing, she was pistol whipped, according to authorities. 

New York City has stringent gun control laws giving criminal a free reign to terrorize at will.
An alleged accomplice was also arrested but only Howard was charged with the crime. 

​Authorities have caught up to a serial carjacker who shot a tourist in a Kennedy Airport hotel parking lot last month, Brooklyn federal court papers state.

John Howard, who was charged with that crime and three additional carjackings, targeted Meredith Stifter as she sat in her car at a Hampton Inn and demanded valuables, papers state.

When she said she had nothing to give him, Howard pistol-whipped the terrified tourist.

Stifter’s mother, Andrea Koller, was in the lobby when Howard approached her daughter and immediately rushed to her aid.

Howard fired a bullet into Koller’s shoulder and took off with another man in a Volkswagen Jetta, according to court papers.

He stole two silver rings and a 2013 Notre Dame HS class ring from the women, cops said.

They were rushed to a nearby hospital and recuperated from their wounds.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors said Howard stole the Jetta at gunpoint in December and carjacked a Mercedes Benz just 10 days prior, papers state.

Last month, Howard threatened two people in a car and shot a female occupant after she refused to give up her purse, according to the feds.

“The defendant is charged with participating in a series of violent carjackings in which the victims were threatened, robbed, and forced from their vehicles at gunpoint,” prosecutors said in court papers.

Howard, a violent con with a lengthy rap sheet, was held without bail Wednesday in Brooklyn federal court.

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