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February 28, 2016 -- White nationalists are clinging fast to the coattails of presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

The strategy is to identify with Trump supporters in hopes of winnowing a harvest to their own cause. [See Former Klan leader at center of latest GOP campaign joust.] 

• Windfall or downfall?

When the originator of the Super PAC endorsing Trump phoned for my opinion, I encouraged the strategy as an effective marketing ploy; though I think robocalls are intrusive and, consequently, counter productive. While I'm no white nationalist in the colloquial sense, I am a vociferous advocate of Western culture and don't mind egging on the enemy of my enemies. 

Feb 28, 2016 11:18 PM

Some say the effort may bode well for white nationalism while giving the far left an artillery windfall with which to pummel Trump with accusations of embracing racism. 

The ploy may lead to Hillary Clinton being elected in November.

The good news for white nationalists: Their numbers will marginally increase. The bad news: They may cause Donald Trump to lose the election. 

Competing candidate Marco Rubio is already portraying Trump as Klanster

• The inner Trump

On the other hand, accusations of racism may actually work in Trump's favor. 

While most white Americans disagree with white nationalism, many are hearing the voice of an "inner Trump" that tugs on their collective conscience and sense that white nationalism, in spite of its flaws, is still preferred to the implosion of Western culture. 

Overtly, white people are programmed to condemn racism — and they should. Inwardly, however, their DNA has programmed them with a sense of personal, familial, and cultural self preservation. It's that "inner Trump" that may bode well for white nationalism and the Trump presidential campaign.  

That is, the effort of white nationalists may be the shot of psychological adrenaline required to push Trump over the top. 

• Speak up or shut up

Working in favor of white nationalism is the regressive left's perennial abuse of the race card. Like crying "Wolf!" the far left has cried "racism!" so loud so often that it no longer resonates in the minds of Americans nor tugs on their consciences to produce white guilt. 

White nationalists have two choices: They can speak up and risk losing the election to Hillary in November or they can shut up and lose their relevance. 

The ideal strategy may be in the middle: Speak up loud enough to be heard, but avoid being perceived as obnoxious. 

The fact is: The regressive left wants white nationalism to vociferously enter the fray, allowing anti-Trumpsters to exploit that support and portray Trump as a racist. 

On the other hand, the noise of the left may actually draw attention to white nationalism and help swell their ranks. 

The outcome may be the election of Donald Trump and a massive increase in the ranks of white nationalism.

• But first, grow up!

For white nationalism to gain traction, it must employ a three-fold strategy: 

First, the movement must avoid infighting. That, of course, won't happen. Virtually all affinity groups innately experience personality bouts and the painful stretch marks of ego expansions. 

Walking into the white nationalist movement is akin to walking into a 1950s western movie barroom brawl, a dog fight, or a Baptist church.  

The problem is exasperated by government moles who exploit the infighting to keep the movement in turmoil and, therefore, ineffective. While the problem of infighting will never go away, it may dissipate should a strong central leader emerge within the movement. 

That, by the way, is a primary contribution to the problem. White nationalism, like most activist groups, is populated by hordes of individuals, each perceiving himself as the ideal leader. Hence, the infighting as egos jostle for prominence at the expense of others and the movement. It's analogous to firemen fighting over who gets to drive the firetruck while the city burns to the ground. 

A favorite mantra within the movement is, "No more brother wars." Oddly, the same white nationalists who post that creed ad nauseum on Facebook are the same who incessantly attack each other. 

Second, the movement must purge itself of the inclination to blame everything from potholes to hiccoughs on Jews and Zionism. While the cult-like fervor resonates well within the ranks, outsiders view white nationalists as a horde of cranks and, consequently, avoid them like the plague. 

Third, the movement must guard against abject goofiness. White nationalists tend to splinter themselves with loyalties to various groups, each touting cheesy logos that are, somehow, always reminiscent of the Third Reich.

Cheesier than their logos, the movement is also plagued by screwball philosophical musings that can best be described as brain farts. One splinter movement actually advocates a monarchical government, attacks America and freedom as evil, and damns the U.S. Constitution. It's a veritable white-skinned Jeremiah Wright.

The sect demonizes the United States as the brainchild of Jews and Free Masons, then praises Benedict Arnold as the true hero of the American Revolution.

And that's just one splinter group.

Such nonsense is either the ravings of maniacs or tampering of federal agents. Personally, I think they're maniacs. But does it matter? The outcome is the same.

The end analysis is: For white nationalism to succeed it must speak up. But first, it must grow up. 

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Postscript: Thanks to Keith Alexander of The Political Cesspool radio program for the 'inner Trump' concept. 

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  1. white nationalist are not supremacist, they are trying to preserve white european lives. 8% of the world population! we know who the supremacist really are!

  2. Many years ago a Liberal told me that he supported Forced Bussing because for all its problems, it was the best option.

    I think that is the motive for many Whites supporting Trump, and there is no harm in being explicit about it.

  3. Great article!
    I will reuse the "inner Trump" and your "Peter and the racist" if you don't mind.