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February 22, 2016 -- Treasonous German mayor Thomas Köppl, 50, was attacking patriots in on online debate when he posted a screen shot from his computer to make a point. The screen shot revealed tabs to a porn sites. 

The red faced traitor made excuses for his excesses but, to our knowledge, has never apologized. 

Traitors in Germany routinely demonize patriots as racist, xenophobic, and anti-immigration. 

Köppl is the mayor of Quickborn, Germany. 

A German mayor was left red-faced after accidentally revealing his pornography viewing habits to thousands of people in a Facebook post this week.

Thomas Köppl, 50, was partaking in a debate on his town Quickborn’s community page when he made the gaffe.

The mayor posted a screenshot from Wikipedia to back up a point he was making about the ‘Alternative for Germany’ political party, which is anti-European Union and immigration.

Unfortunately for Mr Köppl, the screenshot revealed the Wikipedia tab wasn’t the only website he had been viewing that day. Alongside the page supporting his argument were five tabs open to pornographic websites.

The tabs featured webpage names such as “punishment porn videos”, “BDSM porno videos” and “German sl*t punished.”

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