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February 2, 2016 -- Careful to stereotype patriots as "racists" and "neo-Nazis," a group of traitors showed up at a massive PEGIDA rally in Cologne, Germany last month.

Two things are important to note: 

First, the patriot movement is neither racist nor fascist. Its adherents are patriots.

Second, the treason movement is neither anti-racist nor anti-fascists. Its adherents are traitors. 

The traitors seemed more concerned with stigmatizing patriots than with defending German women from low-intellect, high-hormone Islamic insurgents.
The Guardian web site, in fact, blatantly referred to three simultaneous demonstrations by stereotyping patriots as "neo-Nazis": Three competing rallies hit the streets as women, neo-Nazis and anti-fascists demonstrate about the new year’s assaults, police mishandling and the ensuing race hate.
Germany's treason movement:
German traitors posing as "anti-racists"
While the patriot movement may be infiltrated by globalists and government agents posing as neo-Nazis and racists, it remains a largely patriotic movement that is neither neo-Nazi or racist. In fact, the hate tactics employed by the "anti-fascist" traitors reflect those of the 1930s-style fascism they pretend to oppose. 

The treason movement in Germany is neither anti-fascist nor anti-reason. The treason movement is a globalist treason movement that broad bushes those who opposes globalism as a Nazis.

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