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February 1, 2016 -- As I often say, the regressive left uses "hate speech" as an excuse to censor "free speech."

That was made evident last week when The Guardian, a left-leaning newspaper in Britain, announced its plans to censor free speech in its comment section. 

Certain subjects – race, immigration and Islam in particular – attract an unacceptable level of toxic commentary, believes Mary Hamilton, our executive editor, audience. “The overwhelming majority of these comments tend towards racism, abuse of vulnerable subjects, author abuse and trolling, and the resulting conversations below the line bring very little value but cause consternation and concern among both our readers and our journalists,” she said last week.
Again, the regressive left censors free speech by framing it as hate speech, a pretext they seem unable to adequately define. If opinions of rational people regarding racism, Islam, and other "vulnerable subjects" fail to toe the leftist narrative, those thoughts are deemed "hate speech" and summarily zapped. 

It proves the point: The regressive left is so disoriented it is inability to withstand open dialogue and debate, the only way its psychotic denial of reality can stand is by obscuring competition. 

Its akin to an election in North Korea or Cuba where only one party is on the ballot. All others are accused as counter revolutionaries. 

In the mainstream Marxist media, only one perspective is allowed to be expressed. All others are accused of racism and xenophobia. 

Expect more cyber book burning from the regressive left as it attempts to shush those of us who refuse to allow our minds to be cattle-prodded into the cultural Marxism mindset. 

Kenn's Law #73

The regressive left consistently defers free speech using the pretext of "hate speech."

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