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February 16, 2016 -- Only in South Africa. 

As the African nation regresses to its norm (average IQ is 77), its people are paying the price. 

Western innovation is being stymied by South Africa's one-party monopoly that feign democracy and places racial hatred above the welfare of its citizens. 

A South African father described the death of his 18-year-old son Lloyd Tiley as "gross negligence by City Power."

The young Tiley was electrocuted when he touched a utility pole in Sunninghill, a Johannesburg neighborhood. 

Social Justice Warriors in the United States couldn't care less who die in South Africa. They merely want to satiate the psychotic imaginations that the country is reveling in a rainbow of bliss. 

[Shane] Tiley and Lloyd’s mother, Cheryl, were in tears on Tuesday morning, saying information surrounding his death was sketchy.

They said they were told that he and a group of friends had gone to a Valentine’s Day party in Rivonia Road and left to walk to a nearby petrol station.

It was then that he bumped into the utility pole, which had live wires hanging out of it, and was electrocuted.

A friend tried to resuscitate him, but it was too late.

“He must have died instantly. It was so unnecessary. Friends have gone to the area and they report that there are many more such poles with protruding wires.”

“Why is City Power not attending to this? His death could so easily have been avoided,” Tiley said.

Lloyd, who lived in Kempton Park, had enrolled at an international hotel school, said Tiley.

“We cannot believe the outpouring of love from his friends since this happened. We, as his parents, did not realise how many lives he touched.”

“He was 6.5ft tall - everyone called him a gentle giant and Big Foot. He was a soccer coach and a referee. In just a few weeks at his new school, he made hundreds of friends. We ourselves did not realise what a popular boy he was - it took his death to get us to know him better and to realise what a fantastic person he was,” said Lloyd’s parents.

Ward councillor Annette Deppe said there were many poles like the one that killed Lloyd in the Sunninghill area. —

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  1. RIP Tiley.

    "[...]described the death [...]as "gross negligence by City Power."
    It's not even negligence I fear: they just don't know how to fix it.

    "Social Justice Warriors in the United States couldn't care less who die in South Africa. "
    Actually they care: but only when it is black dying.