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February 22, 2016 -- Here's another "if the races were reversed" tragedy.

19-year-old Peter Mielke was killed during a pizza store robbery in Bellaire, Tex. 

Mielke was working at the restaurant to pay bills. He shot multiple times, reports say. 

The suspect is described as a "tall, slim, African American man." He is also described as a coward. 

While Mielke was willing to exchange work for cash the suspect was not willing to work. 

A former Bellaire High School football player was shot to death in an overnight robbery at a pizza shop, according to police.

The Bellaire police chief is calling the suspect who killed 19-year-old Peter Mielke a “coward” and a “lowlife.”

All of the department’s investigators are working together to bring justice for Mielke, who was working at the Reginelli’s Pizzeria to pay his bills.

“We were crew, we were family with one another,” said Tyler Ramsey, the victim’s friend. “None of us harmed one another. None of us, we all stayed away from that path.”

But Sunday around 9:30 p.m., police say the young man could not avoid the danger he faced on the job. Mielke, was shot multiple times even as he complied with a gunman’s demands.

“He did it to the wrong person,” said Ramsey. “He’s too humble of a person, and karma’s gonna come back at you.”

Ramsey says the victim was the kind of guy who avoided confrontation. Police believe that’s what he tried to do in the middle of the restaurant’s dining room at Bissonnet and Bellaire.

He was helping to close up the pizza shop as other workers handled things in a back office. That’s when the robber came in and demanded money. Mielke complied, but the robber shot him anyway.

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