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February 24, 2016 -- The unarmed Cooper Nemeth, 17, was murdered by a 22-year-old 'teen,' police believe. 

Nicholas Bell-Wright was arrested in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. 

Violent black-on-white hate crime transcends national borders.


Nemeth's body was found Saturday night behind a house on Bayne Crescent in East Kildonan, police told reporters on Sunday.

"Based on the preliminary examination of the injuries on Cooper's body, investigators believe he was murdered," said Danny Smyth, deputy chief of investigations with the Winnipeg Police Service. "Investigators also believe the body was concealed in a sheltered area."

Bell-Wright does not have an extensive criminal record but was involved in an assault around two years ago, Smyth said.

Nemeth was missing for one week before police converged upon the Bayne Crescent home on Saturday night. Officers remained there on Sunday morning, melting snow to look for evidence.

The owner of the home was not involved in the homicide but called police to report suspicious activity.

Smyth said police do not believe Nemeth was killed at the Bayne Crescent home.

Bell-Wright is connected to a public housing building on Treger Bay that police investigated on Friday, Smyth said.

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