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February 6, 2016 -- The culture divide between Western nations and Third world countries is often measured in economic terms, particularly by Marxists determined to exploit the disparity. 

Missing from the equation is the reason for the economic disparity: A cultural disparity. 

A case in point is a woman in Tanzania who was kept chained naked in an underground chamber for eight months. Reports say a witch doctor told her boyfriend that burying her would make him rich. 

• We're patiently awaiting an expression of outrage from pseudo-feminists who prefer to accuse privileged white males of exploiting and objectifying women. To date no outrage has been forthcoming. 

This is the distressing moment a young woman is found naked in a concrete pit after being kept there for eight months by her boyfriend because a witch doctor said it would make him rich.

Shocking video shows the victim hunched in a ball on the floor after being discovered by police in Tanzania.

The woman, thought to be in her 20s, was shackled to the wall of the tomb and had only been fed twice a week.

She was horrendously emaciated, her back muscles had fused together and she winced at seeing daylight.

She is expected to need months of rehabilitation to help her walk properly again, it was reported by Buzz Kenya.

Local media reported the boyfriend had constructed the makeshift prison after a witch doctor said he had to bury the person he loved most in order to become rich.  —

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  1. So, how many others are buried in under ground prisons like this?