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February 16, 2016 -- reports a secret report from Sweden's National Criminal Investigation Service detailed attacks on officers including police cars being stoned by masked groups of Muslims.

The website says:

Some 52 areas have been put on a "blacklist" with some areas being so lawless two cars are sent to every call out.

 Children aged 12 carry weapons for older criminals and 70 cars and buildings were set on fire in an arson spate last year.

 On February 6 revealed a map with nearly 20 sex attacks that happened in January alone.

The incidents involve young boys and girls, as well as adults being held down, groped, flashed, raped and claimed as a migrant’s property.
As Europe saw the highest number asylum seekers since the Second World War last year, the unprecedented number has greatly challenged the resources and social structures in Sweden. 
Sweden is apart of the Schengen zone but after a historic autumn resulting in many political changes in Sweden and the EU the country has for the first time in recent history implemented border control to its fellow Scandinavian countries.
In November, Anders Danielsson, the Director-General of the Migration Agency in Sweden said: “More people than ever are seeking asylum in Europe and in Sweden, and the situation at the moment is totally unprecedented.” —
The media present the Muslim migrants as refugee families fleeing war in Syria. The refugees present themselves as conquering Islamic insurgents. 

Patriots who oppose the invasion are demonized and stereotyped as racists, xenophobes, and Islamophobes. 

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More racist hate crime reports at [click here]

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  1. islam teaches them that muslims will conquer the world with allah's help. The invitation of Merkel is seen as a dhimmi acceptation of islam's superiority. When they rape and claim the victim as their property, they are not joking: an islamic conquest does mean that non-muslims have to be distributed as slaves among the warriors, here "refugees"...

  2. They just need a take a couple million more Muslims then I am confident they will turn the corner turning Sweden into a peaceful utopia /Sarc.