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February 25, 2016 -- Jamal Scott James, 26, was indicted for the murder of Marjorie Taylor in September 2014.

Feb 28, 2016 11:18 PM

The grand jury indicted Jamal Scott James, 26, on a charge of first-degree murder of Marjorie Taylor in September 2014. The first-degree charge stems from the fact that Taylor was older than 65 years when the slaying occurred. maintains an archive of black-on-elderly-white violent crimes here ►


According to court documents, deputies responding to a panic alarm at Taylor's home found her dead of gunshot wounds in her bed. In questioning her neighbors, they learned that one neighbor failed to report that her son, James, was living at her home at the time of Taylor's slaying. Eight months later, a local man called police when he bought a used vehicle and found a bandana, a shirt, a cap and a gun in the spare tire compartment. Detectives learned the vehicle had belonged to the father of James' girlfriend, and ballistics tests revealed the gun was the weapon used to shoot Taylor. 

Additional forensic testing found James' DNA on a toothbrush in Taylor's home, on the t-shirt used to wrap up the gun, on the cap found with the gun, on the bandana and on the gun.   

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