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February 15, 2016 -- Black students at University of Cape Town used spray paint to deface two iconic busts on their campus.

The students are angry that white settlers colonized their nation, apparently unaware that white colonization brought Western technology and innovation that transformed a savage wilderness to a modern powerhouse. 

The students erected a corrugated iron shack on the campus to demand better housing. They seem unaware that white taxpayers largely fund their housing. 

On one hand the black students want white people to leave South Africa. On the other hand the students want more tax dollars from white people. 

South Africa has suffered severely since the downfall of the apartheid government. The crime rate has soared while the Rand has plummeted. 

Some far-left black activists are demanding the government confiscate farm land owned by whites in the same manner as was done in Zimbabwe. The expulsion of white farmers in Zimbabwe led the nation to economic collapse. About one-fourth of Zimbabwe's population is facing starvation which the government blames on "drought."

The average IQ in South Africa is 77, about 20  points lower than most European and East Asian nations. 

When whites are expelled from African nations, the culture regresses to the norm; that being a paleolithic existence. Meanwhile, the regressive left has opened the borders of the European Union to low-intelligence Africans that will erode the infrastructure that feeds Africans. 

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Students protesting at the University of Cape Town vandalised two busts outside campus residences on Monday.

Earlier in the day, a group of 30 students erected a corrugated iron shack on campus, complete with portaloo, in protest over a shortage of student accommodation.

The area was cordoned off with red and white danger tape, with handmade signs warning, "Beware of Monkeys" and "This is the state of the nation".

The students sang and thumped on the shack to draw attention to their protest.

This was before a group, led by student activist Masoxole Mlandu, marched to the bust of Jan Smuts outside Smuts Hall and then to Fuller Hall where a bust of the first female student to attend UCT has pride of place.

Both statues were defaced with spray paint.

"We were brutally murdered by this person. It is because of this man," he said, referring to Smuts.

Later, at Fuller House, Mlandu said they could not live with the symbols of white colonial repression anymore. Students tied some danger tape around Fuller's neck and connected it to a pillar to look like a noose.

Fuller Hall residence is named after Barnard Fuller, who was the first female student at UCT. 

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