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February 18, 2016 -- South Africa's one-party "democracy" is following the downward path blazed by its neighbor to the north; Zimbabwe. 

See video below.

Black students rioted at University of Cape Town (UCT) where they attempted to purge the campus of icon of white "colonizers."

Only eight people were arrested, seven of them students. One of the students was the son of millionaire and Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe. Eskom is South Africa's bumbling utility company. 

Students stole portraits of white icons from the school and burned them on the campus. 

Cultural Marxism pretends Europeans seized South Africa's land from aboriginals when, in fact, the area was largely unpopulated except for Khoisan and Bantu people groups. 

South Africa is regressing to the norm. The norm is an average IQ lower than 77.

The nation's currency, the rand, was once stabilized at about $1.40 from the year after its inception in 1961 through about 1982 when the nation began moving towards ending apartheid. 

Currently the rand is worth about six cents, having slightly recovered from an all-time low in January. 


The University of Cape Town has got a court interdict against 16 students, including Eskom CEO Brian Molefe's son, following violent campus protests.

The university approached the Cape To
wn High Court on Wednesday after busts were damaged, and paintings, a Jammie shuttle bus and a bakkie were set alight.

Vice Chancellor Max Price's office was petrol bombed.

Eight people were arrested. One of them was not a student.

Molefe was seen posting bail for his son Itumeleng at the Wynberg Magistrate's Court where he and others appeared on charges of public violence and malicious damage to property.

"We've had discussions about this and he has his views; I've got my views about it but I support my son," Molefe told reporters after their appearance in court.

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  1. you will NEVER take the inner savage out of these creatures.

  2. They burn pictures of white men but also white people...

    And Europe have open his gates to such people: soon they will burn the Louvres and white Europeans...